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The Premium Men’s Grooming Club

At Philly Bloke, we understand the studio experience is just as important as the cut. We bring together talent, experience, style, and service in a unique environment for the modern man. After your haircut, we expect you’ll feel well-groomed, relaxed, and like a true Philly Bloke. With a Philly Bloke membership, that can be your consistent state of mind. You’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Hands-Free Checkout and Auto Payments – Saves time
  • Holiday Shopping – 40% Off All Products  – Get in your Christmas shopping
  • Preferred Appointment Times – Never get caught off guard
  • 3 Free Haircuts for Friends and Family  – Resets annually
  • 15% Off All Products Ongoing – Keep your favorite products stocked
  • A Consistent, Well-Groomed Appearance  – No more wishing
  • Haircuts Accumulate If Unused – Never lose your investment

Membership Levels

  • Level 1 – Monthly
  • Level 2 – Bi-weekly
  • Level 3 – Weekly
  • Corporate – Ask for details

We will continue to add more value as we move forward to an all exclusive facility.

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From you to your favorite Bloke. Gift cards are now available for purchase at the studio and online. It’s easier than ever to treat your favorite modern man.

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