Grooming Services for the Modern Man

Hair Care

Pricing dependent on stylist experience and education

Philly Bloke

Includes consultation, shampoo, cut, rinse and style. Starting at $38

Junior Bloke

For Blokes 12 years & under. Includes consultation, shampoo,condition, cut, rinse and style. Starting at $34

Bloke Tandem

Includes consultation, shampoo, cut, rinse and style. Father & Son (12 years & under). Starting at $66

Varsity Bloke

Enjoy varsity privileges! Includes consultation, shampoo, cut rinse and style. Ages 13–18. Starting at $36

Senior Bloke

Includes consultation, shampoo, cut, rinse and style. 60 years & up. Starting at $36

Bloke Blend

Includes color consultation, color treatment, shampoo, condition and style. $35

Philly Bloke Hair & Blend Combo

Cut and grey color blend – Get a tailored cut that fits your style and grey color blend that will take some years off! Starting at $70

Bloke Bearded Blend

For one who wants to blend the gray for their beard. $20

Skin Care

Philly Bloke Facial

Included in treatment are hot towels, facial cleanser, facial mask, facial serum, head, neck and shoulder massage. You will receive the needed relaxation and be refreshed for the days ahead! $45

Triple Crown Hot Towel Treatment

This relaxing experience begins with essential oil hot towels that are personalized to your needs whether it’s to clear up a headache, sinuses or to relax and invigorate. A soothing neck and shoulder massage that gives you the quick pick me up that everyone needs with leading our busy lives. $20

Hot Towel Beard Oil Treatment

In this treatment we will cleanse the face and then add the hot beard oil to the beard. Then the beard will be wrapped with a hot towel and the rest of the face would get a facial mask with our vapor steam while relaxing getting a scalp massage. Finishing with facial moisturizer and BOOM your a new man, relaxed and ready to go! $45

Ultimate Facial

This is for the Bloke that truly wants to indulge in pure relaxation to awaken the face to absolute vibrancy through proper techniques and ingredients. This service will invigorate, revive, refresh and replenish the face. This treatment will truly set you up for your facial skin to be vibrant and renewed for whatever the day brings. The Ultimate Facial includes all the proper ingredients such as hot towels, vapor steam, facial cleanser, facial scrub, facial mask, facial massage, cold towels and eye pads to invigorate and awaken. You will leave this treatment feeling relaxed and refreshed whether needed from a prior late evening or an important gathering for the day ahead. For whatever the reason you will be feeling and looking like you are ready. $75


Philly Bloke Manicure

Hands say a lot about a man! A manicure adds the finishing touch to a well groomed man. Cuticles are gently pushed back and the arms and hands lightly exfoliated to remove dry skin. Hot towels are then applied and fragrant massage oil coupled with moisturizing hand cream is used to massage the arms and hands. Nails are then buffed and a matte finish can be applied. $25

Philly Bloke Simple Manicure

With this service we keep it SIMPLE with pushing back cuticles, trimming and buffing. We call it a fix without the bells and whistles! $15


Eyebrow Waxing

Clean up, shape up but of course keeping it natural. $15

Ear Waxing

Calling all ears! Nothing worse than those hairs showing up in an important meeting. Let us take care of it for you! $10

Nose Waxing

The nose hairs need to be gone. With a quick and painless wax they will be gone longer and without being itchy when those annoying hairs grow back. Trust me once you do it you will never go back! You need those hairs just not the surface ones that make you look like you just stopped caring! $10

Philly Bloke Triple Threat

Eyebrow, ear and nose waxing! $30


Bearded Bloke

This service includes a haircut and hot towel beard oil treatment. You will be relaxed and groomed to impress! starting at $75

The Bloke

This service includes hot towel treatment and haircut. For the bloke who needs that quick pick me up or relaxation from a tough week. $53

Urbane Bloke

Included in this service is a haircut and the Philly Bloke Facial. You will look and feel your best which will get you ready for the days ahead! $75

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