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Eric DeBella

Eric DeBella

Creative Designer

My passion for this industry continues to grow as my training is extensive with such companies as Vidal Sassoon, Oribe, Toni & Guy, Tigi Academy, Bumble & Bumble, Arrojo, Reuzel and V76 by Vaughn. Also extensive training other industry professionals as a Network Educator. I bring my experience and passion to Philly Bloke with my vision being to create a place where the modern man can kick back and relax, knowing he is going to have an excellent experience.

I love the detail that men’s grooming entails and for that reason, my attention to detail is my first and top priority. I am here for you, the client, who wants to look and feel their best. The classics will always transcend the times which I feel are my go-to styles. From James Dean, Cash and Dylan I love it all so whatever suits you I’m willing to help create the essence of what I call a Philly Bloke.



Senior Stylist
Level IV

There has always been something that intrigued me about a Barber Shop. I think it’s the conversations and the lasting relationships that are built. So I decided to follow my passion and make a career of it, which brings me to Philly Bloke. I strive for complete excellence and will do what I can, whoever is in my chair, to put a smile on their face knowing they look and feel better about themselves. I have traveled for extensive training to further my knowledge and craft at companies such as V76 by Vaughn, Vidal Sassoon, Arrojo and Reuzel.

I specialize in clipper fades, shape ups with the razor and also scissor work. I look forward to the opportunity to make a difference.



Level III

I think there is a real art to cutting hair. Whether it be through music or painting, art has played a huge role in my life since childhood. I fell in love with the art of cutting men’s hair and being a part of an ever-growing industry. When you’re in my chair, I want to know about you and build a relationship. I want you to feel relaxed and be one of the better parts of your day.

I specialize in fades and driven toward the challenge of any out-of-the-ordinary style (mowhawks, mullets, ect). Whether you are a young or seasoned bloke, I want to make you feel your best and translate your personality into a style tailored specifically for you.



Level II

I have dedicated many years to this amazing industry. Becoming a Barber is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s been in my DNA far before I knew this was the path for me.

There is something about working in a barbershop, it feels like home to me. What I like most about the craft I do, is the connections you develop with clients. To be a positive part in someone’s day is extremely gratifying. As well as having a client leave more confident than when they walked in.

I’m experienced in many styles of Men’s haircuts from fades, scissor work or kids cuts. I look forward to seeing my clients grow through life no matter the age helping them look their best as they do it.



Level I

Over the years of working in the hair industry I realized I have a true passion for men’s hair. I enjoy connecting with people while they are in my chair and making their cut vision a reality. I love the barbershop vibe and the relationships that it creates. I believe when you love what you do it shows in your work. I specialize in scissor cuts and fades. Looking forward to seeing you in my chair.

Our experienced team is committed to nothing short of excellence.

Every Service Provider at Philly Bloke works on a Performance Based Level System. As a stylist moves up the levels and achieves performance based promotions their prices increase, this is why different stylists are at different prices for similar services. The level system measures experience and years of dedication. Those at higher levels more often are educators and have established a higher client demand. The Level System accomplishes two main goals. The first is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The second is to provide several options for your various needs. Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs. This is why our menus have price ranges for services.

The training our team receives is consistently proven concepts that are thoughtfully implemented and in-depth. It starts from the moment they are hired and continues throughout their career with us. At Philly Bloke, our service providers achieve promotions based on several factors. These factors are measured and evaluated to keep our team on a path for success.

We provide team members at every level to best suit the needs of our clients.

  • Nicollette – Level I
  • Emily – Level II
  • Kat – Level III
  • Brandon – Level IV
  • Eric- Owner – Creative Designer

Our Team and Clients

We are fully aware the success of Philly Bloke takes the dedication of our team to consistently provide at a high level. We want our clients to know we are grateful and appreciate your constant support. It’s not taken lightly and we hope it’s felt on how hard we work to serve you the best way we can. We truly feel our clients, our team and our culture is something special and we thank you for being part of such an amazing journey. We pledge to continue to provide value, culture and style.

All our best,
The Philly Bloke Team

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